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The Signs It’s Time To Get Braces

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | June 10th, 2016

Very few people are born with a perfect set of teeth. Some imperfections are very noticeable, such as crooked or missing teeth, but others might not be so easy to recognize as something braces can help with, such as lisping. Children aren’t the only ones who can get braces. More adults than ever are opting for them to help relieve problems caused by spacing or bite issues and for being able to have a bright smile that makes a great first impression. Here are some signs that you may want to mention to your dentist and ask if braces are a viable option.

1. Constant bad breath – You spend a great deal of time brushing and flossing correctly, avoiding foods like onions and are in good health, but you can’t seem to rid yourself of bad breath. Teeth that are too close together may make it impossible for you to effectively reach some places that can harbor food pieces and cause bacteria, which in turn causes bad breath.

2. Missing or extra teeth – Teeth may be missing as a result of an injury or simply a defect that caused you not to have an adult tooth to replace your baby tooth when it fell out. Other people will have extra teeth that cause a crowding and overlap in teeth. In both situations, chewing can be difficult, which can result in stomach problems, among other things.

3. Speech difficulties – Your teeth play an important role in speech. If you find yourself lisping or experiencing other speech issues, it could be a result of tooth position or spacing issues. A dentist will be able to assess your personal situation and let you know if braces can help you.

4. Frequent jaw clicking or pain – Teeth that are improperly placed can have a devastating effect on the underlying bone structure. Deformities can create an issue where the bone deteriorates, causing movement in your jaw bone that would otherwise be absent. This is a condition that is not only painful at times, but tends to worsen the longer it is allowed to continue.

Why Braces?

Braces are not simply a matter of having a perfect smile. Teeth with improper spacing or position can create damage to your underlying jaw bone, cause or make stomach issues worse and create circumstances where your self-esteem does not allow you the confidence to freely express yourself because of self-consciousness. The results of leaving your teeth as they are can have lasting physical and emotional issues that can seriously impact your quality of life.

Braces today are not the metal contraptions they once were. Innovative materials and techniques now make it possible to wear braces with a minimal amount of discomfort and little impact on looks. Children and adults alike can benefit from wearing them. Talking with your dentist today about whether or not you are a good candidate for braces can make a huge impact on your future.

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