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What is Sealant?

Dental sealant is a plastic coating that protects teeth from the effects of decay. A dentist applies a thin coating of sealant like paint on the surfaces of the tooth that come into contact with food. A regular routine of brushing and flossing is effective in preventing tooth decay, but there are some hard-to-reach places between and behind teeth that increase the risk of cavities. The practice of sealing teeth offers additional protection that prevents food from turning into decay in those areas that are inconvenient to reach through brushing and flossing. Molars are especially good candidates for sealant.

When Is Sealant Needed?

Children and adolescents are the best candidates for sealant application. Because younger people are more likely to develop tooth decay in their molars and premolars, they benefit significantly from sealant. Children are also less likely to brush efficiently enough to prevent all tooth decay.

Adults whose teeth are vulnerable to decay, such as those with fillings and existing decay, also benefit from the use of sealant. Any uneven surface of the tooth can lead to food getting trapped and causing tooth decay.

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What Is The Cost of Dental Sealant?

The costs of your sealant treatment may usually be covered by your dental insurance plan or extended dental coverage. If you are looking for more information about a specific service and the costs associated, contact one of our representatives for help. Our treatment coordinators can help you come up with an affordable way for you to pay for the oral health services you need. For more savings visit our specials page, sign up for our informational newsletter below, and like our Facebook page.

How To Pay For Your Dental Treatment?

Don’t worry if you have reached the maximum cap with your insurance provider for the year or do not otherwise have coverage to pay for your dental treatment, there are other options available.

We offer a convenient list of options for making payment arrangements, and we work hard to make many third-party lenders and other types of credit programs available for our patients.

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  • Dr Nyugen and all the staff have always been very friendly and we have received our services in a timely manner.They have always worked with my to make sure that we were able to get everything we needed done at a reasonable price...

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  • I visited Jones Dentists on the recommendation of a friend, and recently had my first appointment there. They were very professional and scheduled my initial exam (which I got it for free) and cleaning together, so that I didn't have to come back for a second appointment.

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